Girls, what size suit should I order?

I've never owned my own bathing suit before so I'm kinda new at this:/ the site says these are the measurements: (bust is first number, waist is second, and hips are third)
xs: 32.5-33.5; 24.5-25.5; 35-36
s: 33.6-34.5; 25.5-26.5; 36-37
m: 35.5-36.5; 27.5-28.5; 38-39
L: 38-39.5; 30-31.5; 40.5-42

now here are my measurements:
35; 28.5; 35.5
(but then, I am bloated right now due to consuming a ton of pasta. My waist is normally closer to 24-26)
so my bodies all funky:/ and I have REALLY tiny ribs! (27.5)

so which suit size should I order? I don't fit completely into any category:/ HELP!

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  • Go to a shop where they can give you assistance. Later when you know exactly what fits you best, you can order online.


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  • Why would A or B even be options? O. o


    • -__- because my ass and waist falls in the xs/s category and my boobs are medium...

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    • Ohhh!.. Okay so like go larger cuz I can always take it in, but if there's not enough fabric, I can't bring it out! didn't even think of that :$ thanks

    • Haha No problem. =)

  • You're a medium it sounds like.

  • i would go to the shop and ask an assitance to measure you and then you can be sure to get the right size just like being measured up for your bras

  • You should try in a store first :) But I would say medium, even though you're hips are too small for a medium.. but try in store first :)

  • something like that i would need to try on at the store.