What is textured hair or "adding texture"?

What does it mean to add texture or products that adds texture for mens hair? Can someone provide an explanation and a picture as to what it means?


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  • yeah... so a lot of men have fine, limp hair... adding texture simply means it gives it a bit of oomph, va va voom or whatever you want to call it.

    Girls dont like hard gel or greasy gel... if that is you in the pic, your cut adds a lot of texture naturally. I would recommend the v05 wax which you can restyle its really good:)

    • Yeah the picture is a bit old and I'm going for a short disconnected undercut modern quiff with a matte finish and strong hold with a messy and a bit of volume and I'm going to have to chemically straighten my hair and I was just confused in the texture part, thanks for the product recommendation!

    • If you are chemically straightening it you need to be careful as some products can give it a weird appearance... i recommend just getting some john freida nourishing elixr and some hairspray... the elixr is a frizz ease product so will keep your hair smooth and soft but the hairspray will keep it in place :)

    • Thank you! I would've never guessed!

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