Girls, would you wear these extremely colorful tights?

I was looking for some extremely colorful outfits to ask a question about and these ones meet the criterium.
I've never seen such on the streets but nevertheless, curious if GAG likes them :D
Guys, feel free to answer as well, would you enjoy it when your girl would wear those?

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What Girls Said 15

  • sorry but there's no way i'm gonna wear these

    • Haha I guessed I could foresee most girls would not. But I found them so extreme I wanted to ask it out of curiousness :D
      You would never get hit by a car when crossing the street, that's for sure 8)

    • lols its wayyy too colorful!!!

    • Yeah many... I mean all share that opinion :D

  • Okay maybe not those in particular... But I definitely do wear colorful tights.

    I actually just changed my background to one of them. Lol

    • Haha I had a quick look..; yeah those have colors everywhere :D
      Though my feeling says it would be a very fresh look :-)

  • I would wear colourful tights, I just don't like those ones in particular.

    • Haha I wonder what a girl could wear with them that would look okay... they're so extreme that they would jump out like a flashlight :D

  • Absolutely fucking not. Those are horrendous.

    • Haha that's the opinion of most... there are exceptions though :-)

    • I would *so* wear those... under my superman costume, under my regular clothes, under my storm trooper armor...

  • They're disgusting, sorry.

    • Haha yeah most reactions were negative... but I deliberately wanted to ask about something extremely colorful :D
      It holds the middle between a lighthouse and a flashlight hahaha 8)

  • Nah,
    Would not unless someone gifts me without asking. Then I probably would wear it sometimes at home.
    I don't like it.

    • Haha I could guess most girls would indeed find it too close to a picasso... but nevertheless it was an interesting question to ask. Maybe one group of people will like them, who knows :D

  • that is not good at all...

    • It would increase your safety in traffic at least... they spot you from the other side of town 8)

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    • Hahaha that's really not what I wish you... just leave the tights in the shop and be with us :D

    • thanks for caring.. i will leave them in the shop... xD

  • These are really cool but they're a bit much to wear day to day. I wore colourful tights when I was younger all the time but they were just one colour. Sometimes I wear red stockings now but just for my boyfriend, not outdoors lol

    • Haha some people suggested wearing them for Halloween :-)
      You could always try it out to see the reaction of your boyfriend...

  • yeah I would. Why not

    • Curious what you'd combine them with... must not be easy to find a matching dress or skirt and shoes?

    • sth plain i would combine like a black dress or black skirt

    • I'm trying to let my photographic imagination work... to see if the colorful look would be attractive :D

  • Ew. No way. :D The colour and "pattern" look terrible.

    • Haha to be honest... they do. But I had to ask about something "extreme" to make the question interesting :D

    • Yeah, that makes sense :D I'm sure some would wear these for Halloween though.

    • That's an idea Lissy... look out, next Halloween all those inspired by our discussion will be in colorful tights :D

  • No I think not. lol hahahaaha

    • One thing is certain: if you'd wear those, no matter where you came it would never go unnoticed :D

    • So very true. lol hahaha

  • Nope, too old for that. I think those colorful tights look cute only on toddlers.

    • Yeah probably... one of the few positive reactions was from a 14 year old girl. Well she's a littler older than a toddler but nevertheless :-)

  • No i really dont fancy those kinda stuff

  • It's a cool look, if they created an outfit that would go with them

    • Yeah that's a challenge. They'll catch the attention to such degree and with all those colors it will be difficult to find a dress or skirt that matches with them :D

  • Absolutely yes. I have worn colourful tights for years. Flowers, funky patterns. Just a really bright or bold colour. They look great under denim hot pants and is a much more modest way of wearing short shorts with out looking like a tart!

    Go for it! (and dont care what anyone thinks)
    Wear them with confidence and you will look great.

    If people didn't like or wear them they wouldn't be in shops hhaa

    • Haha yeah that could be true... also nice that you suggest something to wear them with.
      Most people, apart from disliking them, also indicated they would be hard to combine with something - finding a color match.

    • Urm not finding a colour match? Lol just pick one colour from the tights for a top! There, matching! Would look great with the deep bluey purple colour as a top and denim hot pants or black shorts.

    • Haha the day you try it out, make a pic :-)

What Guys Said 2

  • Actually... they're kind of hot... ^^"
    If they suited her and complimented the rest of her look and she felt comfortable in them, then sure! :)

    • I agree with you!
      But the girl needs to feel good in them, I don't want her to wear anything "just for me"...

    • Exactly! I'd like it only if she felt really good in them.

  • They look good to me - If the girl is comfy wearing them and they reflect her personality somewhat.

    • Yeah I agree! It's beautiful in a funny way so if the girl likes it we would enjoy seeing her wear it :D