Can someone help me find this cardigan?

The sides look like this
I don't have a picture bc I cannot find one. I seen a girl at school with a cardigan I loved so much and I asked her where from and she told me AE, she got it a year or two ago. When I go online, they dont have it. I've tried other stores but they don't have it either.
Here's a description of it:
I don't remember if it was button up or just open front.
It was a bit long and oversized.
The bottom part was rounded but had a deep slit on the sides.
The cardigan from the side looks exactly like the Oxford in the link. Around the same size slit and it was long and oversized just like that.
I know there are just rounded cardigans but I don't want that, I want the one I'm explaining.

**** If you could help with a store they have them at or the name style that would really help!!****


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  • Even if AE had it, their cardigan supply is really low seeing how we're in summer. Wait for the fall/winter season again.

    If not, you can go to a tailor and have them make you one from scratch... that's more expensive though.


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  • I think I came upon cardigans like this when I was back in Malaysia. Based on the picture you gave, it looks like it, but the cardigan is just open front if I'm not mistaken.