Does she like me or not??

I’m not sure if she was just playing flirting or actually flirting. Today she joined my around her arm while walking (like we were going out together boyfriend and gf) she told me she loved me and asked did I love her. I said I love you too. She said to the girl next to us he loves me. And then she said we were together and I said we didn’t even Date yet she said you asked me last night etc our friend were around when she was doing this. She sat beside this other girl and made out the were having a kissing (joking) and it was over. Later on in the day she winked at me.

But days (times) she would touch my hair and the other day she put her hand on my shoulder while she started to blowing air onto my face or standing on the back on my shoes while I walked etc.she use to get jealous when I would talk to another hot girl when we were laughing and talking


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  • She seems like a very flirty girl. But the fac that she gets jealous when you talk to other girls is a sure sign that she likes you. Congrats!


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