Shoes for teenage girls with small feet?

So I'm going to be a senior this upcoming school year and I have still not been able to find shoes that are in trend and are my size. Im typically a size 5 but I can never find them my size. Does anyone know of stores that sell nice boots, sandles, heels etc for teenagers who have small feet?


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  • I barely fit a 5 in women's and usually just wear 4's in kids. It's just easier that way. LOL.
    When talking about stores, however, it depends on your style. I LOVE more alternative items, something edgier and different, and i also love jordans, adidas, Nike's.
    I usually shop at Journeys/Journeys Kidz (Doc Martens, Timbs, Converse, DC) or a sneaker show store such as Finish Line, Foot Locker, etc.
    When I look for fashion boots or sandals I dont really look for pricey name brands, but "soda" is a nice brand for smaller feet.

  • ... Why do you mean you can never find a size 5. loooool
    i wear a 4 1/2 or 5 and i never have a problem finding shoes.
    sandals from pretty much anywhere.

  • Basically all shops here have shoes from size three up:)