What is up with Kylie Jenner and black culture?

I'm hearing talk about her business what did she do? I really don't know lol...


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  • kylie is not conventionally attractive so she goes for the "lowest common denominator", thirsty black guys who want fame and attention. kendall is traditionally pretty and has the looks that white guys would want and you dont see kendall appropriating black culture... kylie reminds me of khloe, the typical unattractive white girls who only go for black guys bc they are unwanted in the white race. im not counting kim in that because kim was beautiful i think she genuinely finds black men attractive, but if you notice she doesn't try to act black either

    appropriating black culture is exactly what kylie and khloe do. rich white girls from calabasas running around with rappers, getting plastic surgery to look like blac chyna's knockoff twin, getting cornrows and throwing up gang signs to look cool. they are pretty much taking hood black stereotypes and using it to look cool and get attention.

    • She's not? I actually think she's gorgeous but then again I'm not clear as to what conventional vs unconventional beauty always means.

      I saw her Instagram pic - that's obnoxious.

    • Yea you sound like a hater for real on that one... I know plenty of high level white guys that would bang the Kardash girls. There's very attractive women that only like black guys and there very attractive women that only like white guys. Its funny how all of the white women celebs who date and/or marry black guys are considered "ugly" and "leftovers" by black women and white men.

    • I love how the black guys can't stand to see me telling the truth about their white Nubian Queen lmao

      There are actual beautiful women for me to hate on

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  • I had actually forgotten she existed I was trying to think who they were this morning an I remembered Kim, Kourtney and Kendall ( because of the silly lip challenge). I had forgotten Kylie so I am not surprised she has to do something now and again to get back to centre stage of the celeb mag.

  • I hate that whole Kardashian family. Probably the worst example of what the United States really is into.
    Don't care what Kylie Jenner does. She's a trust fund baby that was born into wealth, and consistently participates in an industry that targets teenage girls to be a certain way. "The Kendall or Kylie look." The only sane woman in that family is Caitlin Jenner, formerly known as Bruce.

  • frankly, i dont really get people's problem with her.. specifically black women that have a problem with her. She gets flack for making her hair look "more black". Its pretty common for black women to wear hair weaves that make them look more like white europeans, so i don't really see an issue if some white girls wear their hair or other things that looks more afro-centric. When i see black people complain about superficial stuff like this, i chalk it up to jealousy honestly... because kylie jenner tends to get a lot more male attention than the average woman (black women being no exception). It's easy to call the guys who like her thirsty when you yourself aren't getting much attention for looking the same way she does. So i think people just need to leave people be, for once in their lives

  • basically her and her whole family wants to be black
    she got dreads or something and people got pissed


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  • Kylie Jenner is disliked within some circles of the black community for injecting her lips to look full and then people praising her for her full lips-tutorials, lip challenges, copy cats, etc, when she didn't invent big lips. Black people were first known for bigger lips, and they were ridiculed for it-it was seen as something negative. Also, (the other 50% of the dislike) is her apparent love of black culture but her silence to black issues. You can't have one but not the other.

    Now, full lips are amazing, everyone wants them, and all the fervor is being attributed to Kylie Jenner. But what is Kylie Jenner doing for the people of the culture she is shamelessly appropriating? Getting full lips, wearing corn rows, and showing off the (most likely fake) junk in your trunk doesn't make you a friend of the black community or a trend setter.

  • I don't know but i can't believe she isn't an adult yet. lord help us all when she turns 18.

  • It doesn't matter. Let's hope that her and that whole messed up family fade away into obscurity.