What can I do to make it a good night?

So I invited this guy I like to my house tomorrow. He is going to spend the night. We have had sex once before but this is the first time he will be at my house or sleeping over.

I am looking for pointers as to how to make the night great. I don't want to go over board but I would like to make him feel comfortable. He speaks spanish and I speak english but we can communicate somewhat. I know a little spanish and he knows a little english so we kind of get the idea of what each other is saying.

We are going to leave work together tomorrow and come back to my place.

What I am looking for here is things like: Should I wear lingerie, light candles, special music. Should I cook something (remember we are going to be at work late l like around 11 or so), should I get a movie? or anything else I might not be thinking of


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  • I think any answer would depend on the guy. There already seems to be a comfort level, so you may not have to go to anything extreme. But a few candles and music is always nice, and no guy would ever argue against sexy lingerie. A movie and a pizza is always a good staple too.


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