To dye hair or not?

I want to dye it a nordic/platinum blonde... I know I know... "Platinum looks trashy!" But light blonde is literally the only colour i look good in apparently.. People said I looked happier. Which I like. I'm tired of people asking if I'm depressed... I am pale white with hazel eyes (Amber/brown with gold specks around the iris, fades to green then there is a rich medium blue instead of just green) I have medium mousy brown hair (its natural) I was thinking maybe blonde would give some life to me. The Croation and Irish in me are dominant in appearance. So should I go blonde or just stay a plain Jane and make it work? Opinions are greatly appreciated. If you are wondering hair type. It's naturally straight.

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I will be keeping my hair natural! Thanks for everyones opinions


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  • I say go natural but a picture would have been nice

    • I am sick at the moment and have a Rudolph red nose hehe but I also like the idea of my face still being somewhat Anonymous. I am sorry Sir D;

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    • Sounds like the hair color you naturally have is Auburn but I would leave it and braid it like you said for a change or maybe curly if you can but sounds good that long but I'm sure it's a lot to take care of

    • Aha nope... No red to be found. Just mousy brown I think ^_^ And ty for you opinion it is very much appreciated

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  • I am always a great fan of taking a chance so I would say go for it

  • I'm just gonna say brown hair with pale skin and your eyes sounds really pretty

  • You sound really pretty. Natural hair Color usually looks best to new anyways


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  • A light blonde would look good as platinum is really hard to pull off.

    Maybe you should try auburn

    • Aha! I was thinking of going that exact colour actually. Red was also a favourite when I use to dye my hair. And for the blonde... I was thinking baby blonde. I do not want it to look too fake and as a kid I was towheaded.

  • I really enjoy having platinum blonde hair. I get told that I look happier and healthier with it this way. It's naturally a darker blonde.

    • You and I have the same undertone, and your hair looks great! You remind me of a porcelain doll hehe

    • I love you for that♡ Thank you:)

  • If you really want to dye it, go for it. But I advice you to go for 1 or 2 shades lighter. Just don't do platinum because it requires bleaching and using powder decolor & 40 volume can be very harmful for your hair.

    • Ahh, I would never use 40 volume. I will be going to a salon. I have a sensitive scalp and sensitive skin in general. The salon I am going to has someone specialized in blonde hair colouring. I think she might use 20 or 30 volume. My hair is completely natural so it will take it better.