Is there something there?

There is this guy I like at school. I see him around campus a lot (it is a small campus tho lol). Every time we pass by each other we make eye contact. He has complimented me on my clothing (I was wearing a tye-dye hoodie he liked). We've said hi to each other and had some small talk. He did ask me to join in with him and his friends when they were playing hackey sack (I was running late so couldn't)

I feel like he would talk to me more if we both weren't always with friends..most of the times we've talked have been when we weren't with friends.

I may be looking more into this than I should. I probably just want something to be there so I see it.

In your opinion, could he possibly like me? Or am I just making it up?


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  • hmmm ~_~. the best thing to do is ask him to hang out with you after skool, or sometime alone with out the friends. the key is to get rid of the friends and see if you two like each other by just talking and hanging out. I believe he is interested in you, signs: long eye contact, quick stairs, asking to hang out, him asking if you would like to play hackey sack and the complement.

    just get some alone time and hang out after skool. (no friends)

    good luck ^_^d


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