Girls, how do you shop for a new dress?

1.) What are the steps when you want to get a new dress?
2.) How do you determine what style you are looking for?
3.) How do you know what dress is right for an occassion?
4.) How do you know which color dress is right for you? Or is it just by favorite color?
5.) What kind of special "moves" do you do when trying on a new dress to make sure it works?
6.) What are some of the things you have to make sure don't happen with your new dress so you aren't embarrassed in public?
7.) When you don't know something about dresses how do you find out?

@kelser31 @fauchelevent @missattitude I hope you can help me out with this question.


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  • 1. Go into a store

    2. For outdoor gatherings usually a shorter dress that is light weight to not get to hot or get the bottom dirty. Cocktail dresses are usually for dinners or events.

    3. Fave colours or ones that work well with yur skin tone are usually best.

    4. As long as yu can bend and move around freely with out any surprises popping out yur usually good.

    5. After going to the bathroom always make sure yur dress is placed right when yur done. Try not to stain it with food or beverages lol. And make sure to fallow the tag instructions for washing all dresses are different.

    6. Google :-)


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  • I know what kind of dress I want in my head before walking in to a store.
    3. If I don't know, then I would Google it.
    4. I already know which colors suit me well but sometimes other colors end up looking better on me.
    5. I don't have any special moves. I just check myself out in the mirror to see if it fits well.
    6. I just make sure it's well made, doesn't have holes, etc.
    7. I would Google :p

  • If I see a dress I like ill try it in to see if it looks good on me. I'll check the length and do a little twirl to make sure I'm not going to flash anybody. The colour has to compliment my skin tone, and not make me look washed out. I tend to go towards navy's and greys lately.

  • I basically just go shopping with my fri mes and pick up whatever I like