Girls, ok girls explain some logic to me about some of these styles?

why do you wear a skirt? long or short, is it a pretty thing to wear or is there some other meaning to it, is it easy for you to walk better having a skirt on instead of jeans?

what about short shorts, like really short shorts you wear over tights.

im just trying to work out some girls styles they have and why they wear them.

what about tops like ones that show some cleavage, when you wear one of those tops, what style are you thinking there? are you thinking pretty yet sexy, are you thinking, stylish and powerful or dont you think much of the cleavage bit and you just think its a lovely top and you just letting abit of skin breathe.

im trying to get into the female mind when it comes to style abit, now the next thing i want to knoww is makeup.

when did you first deide to wear makeup for yourself, not because you prob saw your mum wear it and copied her?

each time you put on makeup, what are you thinking, is it to make you feel pretty and confident in yourself, do you do it because you think the boys will like it?

they say makeup is to enhance what you already got, is that what you think, do you go all colourful or just use makeup to cover up spots and stuff.


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  • Trying to gather the information as to why every single girl who performs those operations does those things would lead to mass confusion on your part. The simplest answer seems best: it varies and many answers are plausible.

    For instance, in your first question about women wearing skirts? Some don't want to wear them, yet have to. Some wear them because they're chic/fasionable. Others wear them because that's what they like to wear on dates while others wear them because it's spring/summer/matches their outfit. Thousands of reasons.

  • now that's a lot of question and going into a girl's mind. I'm curious why you ask? it's a little odd. I'd answer back if you tell me why... :)

    • because growing up they separate girls and boys in school in clothes style my guys wearing trousers and girls wearing skirts and i wonder why, is it supposed to make a statement of whos a boy and girl or to label them.

      i wonder why girls wear it after that when they get older, is it easier to walk or is it style.

      ok now the the main proper reason women see guy sometime starring down at thier cleavage and some get mad or call them a perv, what i want to know there is why show cleavage in the first place when you know guys might stare, or dont you really realise you show cleavage and its just a style or fashion sense of your clothes

      makeup wise i get girls put it on to feel more confidenc but i want to know in what sense does it make them feel confident

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    • typo error
      *about the sub-questions you posted above, i can answer them per question IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW. but generally, girls wear clothes depends on their needs and body shape. NEEDS in terms of WEATHER and...

    • have i answered your question? have i made a just reasoning to what you wanted to know? -_-