What kinds of dresses do guys like the best?

I am going to my school's winter formal and just got asked by a guy I really like. What kinds of dresses do guys like the best? Do they like jewelry? what type of makeup? High heels or no? How do guys like girls to dress for dances?


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  • Look like your comfortable.

    You definitely want form fitting clothes.

    If it is a dress, have it no more than 3 inches above the top of your knee. (maybe a red dress since its christmas? also maybe add a black belt for some color plus it makes you look better.)

    You don't want to look like a slut.

    Also an outfit that always looks good in winter is a drape neck cashmere sweater and some darker looking pants or jeans. The cashmere sweater also has the added benefits of feeling ohh so good and he may not be able to resist touching u.

    Also a white dress, red necklace, and red belt are nice.

    Jewelry is nice but keep it subtle. No big hoops.

    Make up is best when it is hard for a guy to tell that you have it.

    Make up doesn't have the natural shine that skin does so any powders make you look worse.

    Eyeliner&mascara is always ok and is even suggested, it attracts us to ur eyes, as long as it isn't a unnatural color(no purple, green, blue etc).

    Eye shadow is never ok.

    Lip gloss generally looks better than lip stick.

    I HATE POWDERED FACES! It never ever ever looks good. It even has the added effect of making you look unconfident.

  • To be quite honest, he won't care care what you are wearing. Just wear what you think you look nice in.


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