What are some things that YOU are attracted to that others might not?

what are some things that you are attracted to in other people but others might think its a little funny weird or they just don't even think about it..for example I'm attracted to guys who have huge afros..and its with ANY guy white,black,Hispanic,Asian,purple,red...ANY TYPE!LOL yea I don't know I just am..another is I'm not attracted to guys who are ripped I'm attracted to guys that are considered"wimpy"but I feel its offensive to some guys to call them that..but I'm just so attracted to them


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  • I'm attracted to dorky guys, lol. I don't like the macho "I can get any girl" types. I like the ones who don't think they can get the girl -- not to say they lack confidence...they're just not ridiculously cocky.

    • O my gosh me oo!!!lol I forgot to say this on lol

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  • Chubby girls, girls with body hair, awkward shy girls to name a few.


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  • i like high prominent cheekbones

    i'm a sucker for bone structures..usually I end up liking black or hispanic, some white guys just off of their facial structures lol

    i like guys with really nice teeth

    i like guys that are really affectionate and sweet when its just me and him. I loove hugs

    i like guys that are close with their moms

    i like guys that go to church

    i like guys that are cute but don't know they're cute. not the guy that is like "i can f*** any girl because I'm so hot" but the kind of guy that doesn't really think about his looks

    i like big hands