What is the most common underwear style ladies/girls wear?


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  • Anything lace is more comfortable and makes me feel sexy (:

    • Comfort seems to be the biggest answer so far, But lace always looks nice :)

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    • Oh no. I'm usually more of not at all... and I do enjoy thongs, never had issues with them like some do. But cheeks are cute too (:

    • Ok lol none I always a good option and will agree cheeks are cute in thongs :)

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  • U shoulda done a poll
    I wear things or boyshorts the most.

  • I try to go for the most comfortable so maybe boy shorts or the lace kind. Never EVER thongs though lol

    • so comfort over style, even when your dressing up for someone?

    • I don't dress for anyone but myself. But that's just me. I go for comfort :)

    • thats fine can understand the comfort over style, thanks for your help :)

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