I want a refined hairstyle, I look like a shaggy dog. ^_^;; Help!

Hey guys, it's been awhile. Here is what I currently look like: link

As you can see, I've grown out my hair quite a bit, but it gets annoying and I have decided I want a refined look. A cleaned up look, not the nerd with the parted hair(pardon the stereotype), but something more professional if you will. Something more, dare I say, sexy?

But I have no idea what to do with my hair, or what would look good on me, with this in mind could you all help me?

I have fairly dark brown hair, but with strawberry brown under lights, all natural. I also have dark brown eyes(if you can't see).

So what would look good on me, with this "refined" look in mind. I don't want to be a shaggy dog anymore!


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  • I think you would look good with this style



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  • You don't seem like you have a very big forehead, so a shorter haircut would be fine. At the same time your hair doesn't seem very thick. I suggest in most hair cuts you get you should add some layers to give the illusion of fullness (a good hair stylist will know how to do this without making it too tacky). I personally like these:




    Also, see if your hair stylist can't recommend you some sort of a mousse or balm to put in your hair to give it a textured look. Your hair is very fine so this may help add some volume as well. G'luck Mister illusion ;)

  • You've got great cheekbones! Why not let those take center stage? Are you willing to go a bit more cropped? I'm not adept with current men's hairstyles, but I know good bone structure! The shaggy hair is a distraction.

    Look through a magazine for men's cuts that you like. Try red carpet- Brad Pitt always has great styles! Best of luck.


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