This guy always looks at me. Does it mean anything?

whenever we pass in the hallway.. we usually see each other at the same time everyday so on days when I'm not there my friend who I usually walk with says he looks for me when he realizes I'm not with her. and when he looks at me it's either a quick glance at my eyes or he like just really looks right at my eyes. it's weird, cause when a guy looks at a girl you think he'd usually look other places too but every time he looks it's really only at my eyes from what I see. we have never talked before or anything. I just think he's really cute and I use to glance at him sometimes last school year and I don't know if he picked up on that or not but now this year he looks at me all the time. and this has been going on for awhile.. he's not the shy type.. he has lots of girls that are friends.. I mean it seems to me that if he was interested he would just talk to me.. but I don't know. the one time he purposely bumped into me but played it off like it was an accident and smiled and said sorry and then when he walked away my friend said he had a huge smile on his face.. that was the only time we ever reacted.. I mean am I making too big a deal out of this.. is it really nothing? or does this kid have any interest in me?


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  • Is he a Virgo by any chance? Just wondering... I don't completely buy into the whole astrological thing, but there are some things that seem to be dead on. As a Virgo, I often do what you described. We tend to be MUCH deeper than other guys. And the eyes are the number one point of connection. Although appreciating the efforts women put into looking gorgeous, we find other traits far more attractive. I personally get lost in the eyes of a woman who I find attractive! I would say he is hoping you would say hello. If you are interested stop him and say hi...


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