Should I wear a maxi skirt to school as a freshman?

I'm going to be a freshman in high school and I want to wear a maxi skirt. I'm 5'2. I have curves and booty. Will it work with me? Also, what would look good with it?

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  • Yes, they cover you, are fashionable, and can work well as long as you find some that fit with your size. I'm 5'0 and had a hard time finding maxi skirts that I didn't drown in, but I think you'll look good in them. :)


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  • *thumbs up.
    Maxi Skirts ahhh yes.
    The fine balance of class and feminine sex appeal.
    You just almost can see hints of her physique but... oooohh it's also behind that curtain... that dress.
    That mystery...
    Imagination runs wild.

    • I laughed way too hard (": but thank you for the answer

    • I mean look at the girl in the bottom picture.
      With the a gentle gust , her skirt waves against the warm italian breeze.
      The fine fabric pressing against her skin , revealing her feminine hips and delicate curves...
      Yet... it's all done without showing an inch of her lower body.
      That's the beauty of Maxi Skirts...
      The intrigueeee

      Also... cheeeriooo

  • Yes it should work for you go for it ,,,

  • Well, at least you'd be abiding by school rules, that's for sure


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