Am I wrong for not making my friend feel special for her birthday?

Before you make false assumptions at least hear the whole story. So basically we're going out or at least were for my friends birthday party in a few days. We got everything set up the only thing was we didn't decide on what to wear.

So she finally told us to wear all black and no one had a problem with that. I was actually planning on wearing black. But the thing was I couldn't wear all black because I simply didn't have it. My outfit contained majority black, a black shirt, black boots, but black and white leggins. And she said that won't work. I told her I didn't have anything all black but she said we have to wear all black so age can stand out on her special day.

My other friends said just wear blue jeans but she said it has to be black. She said you have time just go buy black bottoms and I said I just went shopping and there's no way my moms going to by me something else. We just really don't have the money.

Then she said wait don't you have those black shorts and I told her I couldn't fit them anymore and she yelled wear them! I said I can't fit them. I'm not just saying it because I'll look fat I literally can't get them on anymore. She said there's just drama over the smallest thing and put up a peace sign. And I said you're mad over the dumbest reasons I can't help it. Damn!

Then she said you're not coming and I said okay happy early birthday good luck finding a ride back home. Now we're not talking.

Was I wrong?


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  • You were right - She was just being a spoilt drama queen - I wouldn't take that crap from someone.


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  • No, I think she's being way too stubborn. I also don't see the need to stand out in SUCH a way on your birthday. Usually, if you're just more dressed up in general, you'll be standing out anyway.
    If she continues to act like this, just say you can't come. That's what I'd do. She'll learn then. Your birthday doesn't give you a free pass to be unreasonable


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  • She should have been more understanding about your current money situation. Maybe you should ask your friends if they have any extra black bottoms. I don't get what you mean by age standing out though

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