Muscle or no muscle?

Ladies! I know this question has been asked a lot.

Hey there :)!

I am a very thin guy. I am 6'1 and I weight 133lbs. I have a BMI of 17.5 so am underweight and very tall. I am a very nice kind caring 18 year old teenager. But I have only had one sexual experience with a girl that was short lived because she left me for another guy. Its a lot more complicated than it sounds. I was really obsessive and clingy over her because I didn't wanna lose her and she said it was too much and moved on from me. I been depressed ever since and I never really got over it. But I learned from my mistakes of being too obsessive and stuff. And I hope there maybe a me and her again in the future. Its been a few months now. I hate the way I look and how skinny I am. Most of my friends are a lot bigger than me and have muscle. When am in town with my best friend he seems to get girls looking at him all the time and we literally look exactly the same expect he has facial hair, big muscles, tight fitting shirts and natural tan colored skin, he is my age and he has never had sex with a girl or anything yet he gets girls looking at him nearly 10 times as much as me. Unfortunately for me, I don't really seem to care for myself very much. I have very pate skin. I tend to get about 6 hours sleep a night and I don't eat a lot. But when I do eat, I eat my veg and fruit etc. All the healthy stuff. I look really thin around the face and when I smile my skin tends to show bones in my face. My best friend has a lot more filled out face too. I been going to the gym for a month or so now and starting to eat a lot more to change myself into a better person, someone that's worth actually looking at. I been eating a lot more and I been lifting heavy and I even been on the sunbed a few times. I really feel better about myself already. But what I wanted to know from the ladies is. What do you most find attractive about a man body. Am not talking about personality today. Just the way men look. Do you like tans? Do you like big arms? Big chests? Facial hair?

Do you prefer:

Skinny as in, me, so skinny its just literally bone

Average, a bit of bulk around them and a bit of muscle

Muscle, nice six pack, nice chest, nice arms,

I really hope most people say muscle because I don't want to be working out for no reason ahaha :D!

Thanks very much for reading.

Sorry I meant PALE skin ahaha


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  • well I kind of like the slender type but not Toooo slender lol but I've noticed as I've gotten older that I'm starting to like the muscley guys more and more lol I don't know I guess it's cause I'm very petite and I wanna man that can throw me against a wall or something lol sorry if that's too freaky lol

    • Ahaha, yeah I know what your saying :P! I wish I could hold a girl and make them feel protected. But I can't do that when I am like a stick insect

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  • i like pale skin even tho I'm tan and I never judge body type you coule be 230 pounds to 150 and id still love you it all depends on personality and you have to be tall usually or my height =]

    • Well, its really depends, I have black under my eyes all the time and I look like a ghost am that pale :O! ahaha I wish there was at least abit of colour in my skin :(

    • Personally I like that kind of look =}

    • You like ghosts :O! Ahaha :)

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  • Lol, you're like me... D:

    I can't really give an opinion except don't lose the pale skin unless you like tan girls. In general, pale attracts pale and tan attracts tan. Beauty is a racist mofo.