I think that girls with piercings and tattoos are gorgeous.

I think that girls with piercings and tattoos are gorgeous.

if they wear glasses and they actually match they're face even better.

Their hair is teased and/or layered and/or dyed zomg orgasm.

Does anyone agree with me?

if not what's your preference?

  • Piercings and Tattoos more of a dark personality<3
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  • Ew.no.
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I'm getting a lot of ew no peoples come on no one agrees?


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  • My preference in a guy, I like piercings in the ears maybe. And 1 or 2 tattoos that aren't obnoxious lol


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  • Word. ;]

    But it's not an issue if they don't have any of that. I'm attracted to completely 'normal' looking guys all the time. Just depends on the person.

    • Yes normal people are attractive to.

      it just peaks my interest to know them/date them when they meet that criteria (:

      Btw lovely hair its my fav. Color :D

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    • Anytime (:

      i agree completly with you. men don't give much to the personality factor most of the time.

      but some women are just as bad (just not as much)

      people need to learn that the wilder someone looks doesn't make them evil, mean or a devilworshiper. it just means that we have more confidence. and that useually we like attention x3

    • Haha, I guess for most, that would be true.

  • I like tattoos, and some piercings, but glasses aren't a big deal to me one way or the other.

  • great. I have one tattoo and it's a cherry blossom. and I have like 3 piercings. that's about it. eyebrow, ear and ear again . yay.

  • None of that stuff really matters to me.

  • Tattoos and piercings are ok. It really depends on their style.

    I don't care about glasses either way. If they don't have them then great. If they do it's not a big deal.

    For hair I like the messy look. (if that makes sense) and I like them to have blond or light brown hair.


What Guys Said 1

  • I'm down with most crazy fashion styles, I also like glasses if they're cute, but I can't seem to get past tattoos or piercings. I feel it can mar an otherwise beautiful body or face.

    Idk, maybe in some cases it could make the girl hotter but at the cost of beauty which is never a good trade.

    • Tattoos show the innerbeauty on the outside.

      i love when they have them but don't just go for tattooed girls.