Why won't he just ask me out?

Okay so I'm "seeing" this guy, and we've been very close for about a month now.. we where seeing each other months before this as well but we both just went separate ways cause he moved..

so anyways, I see him almost everyday, he stays over almost every second night.. we are sexually active.

every time I'm with him, we constantly stare into each others eyes and he ALWAYS is smiling, I always make him laugh and he is very affectionate around his friends and mine.

another thing is, I get along really well with his friends and he gets along great with mine to!

I never ask him to do anything, I tell him to do whatever makes him happy and I NEVER get angry if he hangs with his friends instead of me..

I'm constantly trying to help him out, he doesn't live at home and I always make sure he is fed, showered and always has a bed to sleep in if he needs it, I even by him presents.

Now, to me.. it seems like he really likes me, he even brings up things in the future like me coming to watch him play football, which is months away, he talks about paying for my stretch hummer for my birthday which is 6 months away! so he has told me that one day he will ask me out, but I'm getting impatient, why is he waiting?



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  • you're giving your all to a guy (sex, affection, caring for him practically and as far as feelings, acting like his girlfriend w presents) and it's not reciprocated...why would you set yourself up for this?

    why invest so much of your goodness and generosity when he is not even interested in being your official bf?

    might be a good idea to scale back your niceness and perhaps the physicality (that one's hard I know), otherwise gf, you're just setting yourself up for disappointment and a jaded view on guys, that you will have ultimately brought on yourself...

    good luck :) :)


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  • because he probably isn't sure if he really wants to be with you...its a game...hes playing it...and maybe he feels that if he is official with you then he can't be with someone else if they come along...he could have an eye on someone else too...i wouldn't wait too long if I were you...and you should make yourself a little less available.

  • Sounds like your giving far more than your receiving.


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  • plus you're hot and obviously very sweet, you can do so much better :)

    im sure there are a lot of guys who wish they could trade places with this dude and would definitely be appreciative and would be more than happy to be official so you would be 'off' the market

    take care!

    • I really love this guy though, I have never treated a guy so well in my life.. I'm so happy when I'm with him all the time I don't think I could ever get angry at him.. I'm scared of what I might do if I lose him..

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    • Honestly, if he was a good guy, he would see you were crazy about him and knowing he doesn't even want to be official with you, would tell you that you need to look out for yourself more.

      when someone really loves another or even cares about them strongly, they look out for that person, even if it means they don't benefit (ie getting sex, getting care and attention).

      but when you're infatuated and 'controlled' by your emotions and the 'addiction' to the guy, it's hard to see outside of it.

    • And so that's why you might end up ignoring friend's advice.

      who knows, maybe he'll want to be official some day. has he explained why he doesn't want to be official? ask if he wants to be free to date other girls and put it in a non threatening way, like you would be ok with it (pretend you would be) so you can get the truth lol. But let him know the truth at some point as far as exclusivity.

      also, words (stretch hummer deal) are words....action is another thing.