Girls I need tips on how to look more sexier & enhace my look?

I want to look more enhanced. Im a pretty girl but I feel like I'm just a pretty face. I want that celeb like look to me. Where do you girls shop at for nice fashionable clothes? I never wear makeup because tbh I dont really need it & when I do wear it, it makes me look crazy because it's noticeable. How can I look sexy/pretty & classy?


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  • It sounds like you look great already - Embrace that look


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  • Its awesome you look good with makeup! But, you said it looks noticeable?
    I'd wear makeup on occasions if I were you. Use Bare Minerals ( they use such precious ingredients you can fall asleep in it without worrying about acne, although I don't recommend it lol) they have a power foundation, just use a moisturizer and one of their primers and then add the powder foundation with one of their special brushes. Once you do that you can get a sponge to blend it to make it less noticeable (remember: a little goes a long way). One of my fav mascara brand is Lash Domination by bare minerals too, it gives you eyelashes a light, natural lift and curl without any chunks. Then just apply a bit of blush to the apple of your cheeks and sweep it up to your hairline. Wala, you don't need heavy or full on makeup, just something to give you that "I have no pores and just slept for 40 hours!" look.
    Anyways, my goals are to have perfect skin, glossy hair, perfect body without makeup and clothes to especially flatter my body and flat irons.
    So for great skin use this mask:
    Turmeric power, organic yogurt, organic honey, chickpea flower (or brown rice flower if you can't get your hands on chickpea flower).
    It'll give your face a nice glow, while getting rid of any blemishes and making your skin silky soft. Leave it on for 15 minutes and use it 2 nights in a row every week.
    For lush hair use a weekly coconut oil mask. Just apply coconut oil to dry hair, then put it up in a bun and pull a shower cap or even plastic bag over your hair and leave on for 1 hour at least 12 hours max. (Shampoo it out and you won't be needing conditioner).
    For white teeth you can also use coconut oil! I hate this one but take a scoop of coconut oil and just put it in your mouth and swish it around for like 5 minutes, its gross but does the job.
    For a good body, you should do some cardio, some weight lifting and dancing. No weight lifting won't make you bulky by the way, bulk includes a high amount of protein and a bunch of other exercises.
    Here's a good dance routine (30 min every day):
    So you may see some results after one use of all of this, but it takes time, you have to turn it into a routine. It takes a lot of effort and determination.
    Good luck! Message me if you have any other questions or want tips. :) x

    • WOW! Thank You! MHO I've gotten out of all opinions I've ever gotten on this site! I will def be doing this dance routine and and trying all of the tips you gave me, especially the face mask. I already have unrefined coconut oil and organic honey, I just need to go and get the rest of the ingredients! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!

    • No problem! Hope you see fast improvements. Ya lmao, i'm kind of way too skilled when it comes to all of this bc i'm always trying new things with facials and exercises and hair products, the ones i've gave you are the ones that worked the most for me!
      Oh, I forgot here's the measurements for the mask:
      2 spoonfuls of turmeric, 1 spoonful of chickpea flower/brown rice flower, 2 spoonfuls of yogurt, half a spoonful of honey!
      Extra tip haha, before i go out somewhere I just rub an ice cube all over my face until it melts, yes its cold, but it leaves you refreshed and your face will glow SO much, I sometimes do this after my mask too, the ice constricts your blood vessels, thats why your face will glow :)

    • AHHH i'm sorry I COMPLETELY forgot!
      The turmeric may tint, NOT DYE LOL, tint your face a yellowy color, so you can just put toner on a makeup remover wipe, but if you don't have that, just put some milk on cotton pads and just keep rubbing it off. Thank God I told you, you probably would be freaking out if I hadn't lol!

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  • Wear makeup. You probably don't need a lot it sounds like you have good skin but at least wear some eyeliner, mascara and shadow. And wear lipgloss or lipstick. You can't have a celeb look without wearing makeup

  • For good (and sexy) clothes try 'danger kitty lingerie', 'upscale stripper' and 'yandy'.