Girls, Is it weird that I want bikini tan lines?

I'm a straight guy, but for some reason I'm drawn towards bikini tan lines. I find them sexy as heck on women and I want them for myself. Why is that? Should I just go for it?


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  • It's not weird.

    • Even though I'm a guy?

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  • Like... Speedo or like a full on bikini top and bottom?

    • Bikini top and bottom.

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    • People think someone is gay when they do something even slightly different than what society dictates for their gender.

    • I'm sorry, but I'm not going to lie and say that it's normal.

  • It's not weird (to me at least) as long as you're safe while doing it it's perfectly fine..

    • Awesome! I made sure I found one that fit well enough so things don't come out. They are actually pretty comfy.

    • Great! Enjoy your bikini tan lol...

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