What is your opinion on septum piercings on a girl?

People who know about septum piercings more than likely have an opinion on them, whether it is good or bad. I was just curious as to know what your opinion was on the piercing. Thank you in advance. :).

  • It looks hot!
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  • I don't have an opinion/ I just want to see the answers.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think it looks hot with the ring turned up

    • Agreed. I'm not a big fan whenever the jewelry piece is way to long and the balls ( silver little pieces you are seeing) are nearly touching the upper lip.. But if it is like that I think it can definitely be attractive. Or whenever there is a SMALL TINY hoop in there.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Only some people can pull it off. Im thinking about getting a fake one to see how I look.

    • Definitely agreed! Typically it's like a 3/10 kind of thing to find someone with the right facial features to pull it off, but then again that is my opinion, and I think anyone can dress and style themselves however they want to.

    • Yeah because septum rings are what a lot of people in different countries wear, so it could be apart of some peoples culture as to why they choose to wear it

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  • It does not look hot. A woman should have no piercings except her ears.

    • If I may ask, why do you think that? And what piercings do you think a man should be allowed to have?

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    • No offense.. but I'm a bit afraid to know how a septum piercing could be ripped out if pierced properly, especially in the bedroom. Sorry, I'm getting off track here. I personally think that your opinion does have some justice with the " If you look cheap, trampy, or slutty. People won't just think less of you, but also less of him and he knows that." Although, the piercing actually can look simple if worn the right jewelry. I should also mention that the septum jewelry can be flipped up into the nose and you can't even notice it is there, so for special occasions like meeting family, friends, and coworkers, it could easily be hidden. I don't agree with your marriage material opinion though, because there are great wives and mothers out there who have piercings ( and tattoos.) My mother included in this. Oh, and you can have nipple and vagina piercings and be hot as hell, but you might be horrible to fuck with.

    • For many men - those in high-income positions - they want a conservative looking woman outside the bedroom and if the Conservative look cannot be pulled off by the woman, he won't marry her.

  • If you're going for lesbians I guess it's good, but with guys, definitely not.

  • Not really a fan of peircings myself. I never thought they looked that good, but when I was younger I got a few, because my best friend at the time was into the whole goth, pericing scene. They hurt like hell. Even afterwards, and they get constantly infected. I swear thats why people with so many peircings are always so gloomy, that shit hurts! And you need to keep wearing it, or it will start to close up, and if you put it in after it starts to close up it can cause you to bleed, and ofcourse get infected.

    Earlobes, dont hurt as much, especially if they use that gun looking thing, but still more than people think they do. Anyone who has gotten a peircng always plays it off like no big deal, it never hurt and it still doesn't, but beleive me they are full of shit! Ok maybe the earlobe, I don't know why, that one didn't bother me too much, but all the others definitely did.

    Needless to say it was a disaster. To this day, when I see people with a ton of peircings, I can't help recall my pain and ask myself why they voluntarily put themselves through that.

    • I honestly think that people get piercings because they like the way that they look, and the top information is invalid on most occasions if the person actually took care of the piercing instead of being ignorant.

      I have a few piercings myself, (8), and I just think that it's a odd form of self expression. I have a VERY HIGH pain tolerance, but I will admit that my industrial piercing definitely hurt like a 5/10, seeing as they piece the helix twice.

What Girls Said 3

  • few people can pull it off but if you really want to there's nothing wrong with it

  • love them! BUT it depends on the wearer like i have a septum ring and honestly i hate them on some people

  • Not crazy about them, I'd never get one but I have seen girls who can pull it off