So my boyfriend doesn't consider me pretty or sexy, any tips?

I'm 16,and I wear make-up,but I guess I should wear more and try harder(not let myself go I guess).My boyfriend has told his friends that I'm slightly below average when it comes to looks,and one of my girlfriends told me I'm letting myself go because I don't wear as much make-up as I used to.

I wear Urban Decay Mineral Powder,and black mascara,some eyeliner and maybe eye shadow every now and then.But I guess I could try better.OK,I'll start with my skin.I have oily and acne prone skin.What's a good powder for me?I prefer Mineral Powder(And not drugstore brand).

What are some good (Non drugstore brands) of:


Eye Liner

Eyeshadow(I guess a palette would help with multiple colors)

And what's a website that I can get some ideas for hair styles?Nothing over the top,but simple cute hairstyles?

Thanks in Advanced.(and I just chose a random section to put this Q in)


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  • Instead of covering the acne, maybe you should try getting rid of it, sounds slightly more logical.

    Secondly, just go to Mac or Sephora and have a consultant fix you u, she'll find what's good for you.

    • I am using a prescribed medication to get rid of it.

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  • i am a guy but I would rather my girl not to wear make up and be all natural.dont let your friends peer pressure you

  • damn your Boyfriend is kinda a jerk


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  • Why would your boyfriend go around telling people these things? Those are thoughts you keep to yourself. I admit the man I've been with 4 for years Isn't the hottest guy out there and is very average when it comes to looks, and I love him. But I wouldn't go around telling all of my friends that. Anyway, men like a girl that has more of the natural look so if anything try to tone down on the makeup. Try to treat yourself and get your hair fixed at a hair salon every now and then. Also wear clothes that show off your figure. Don't flaunt to much, you don't want to look like an easy girl. May I suggest skinny jeans with heels. Or a low cut top to show off a little cleavage.

  • -Good Skincare;Cleanse,Tone,Moisturize(moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher in AM).Use products that are for your skin type.

    -Wash your hair according to it's texture,but generally skin a day or two.

    -Use a Deep Conditioner once a week.Alternate between a cholesterol/protein hair mask and moisturizing mask.

    -Use a hot oil treatment once a month.

    -Trim hair every 6-8 weeks.

    -30-60 Minutes of exercise a day.You could dance,run,jog,power walk.

    -Keep your nails trimmed and clean.

    -Wear Make-up that fits your skin tone,Skin Color and Skin Type.

    -Go to Supercuts or a hair salon and ask a professional to cut/trim your hair to a hairstyle that fits your face shape.

    -Pluck or wax eyebrows.Shape them to fit your face shape.

    I think the issue is that your boyfriend thinks so little of you and has so little respect towards you,to tell his friends you are "below average"

    You should break up with him.Pounding on pounds and pounds of make-up will not make you look "pretty" and beauty is subjunctive and everyone has a different view and idea of what beauty is.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • My only "tip" is: dump his ass!

    Do girls nowadays have so little self-respect they'll stay with a guy who thinks they're ugly and TELLS HIS FRIENDS ABOUT IT? Jesus! Tell him to go find someone more to his "standards".

  • Yea no offense,but you can't turn an ugly duckling into a beauty.Make-up is used to cover and hide imperfections and enhance features,not *make* someone beautiful

    If you're overweight you could try losing weight.If you have acne get rid of it.If you don't have white teeth,bleach them.If you don't have straight teeth,get braces.If your hair is curly or wavy,straighten it.pluck/wax eye brows

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