GUYS: Do you like when a girl wears hardly any or no makeup?

I myself don`t wear make up any more and a lot of guys tell me I am just as pretty without it, now I know that all are some are just being But I was really wondering how many of you guys do like us girls without make up? or how many of you do like it.. or just really don't matter either way..!


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  • Whatever you did on your profile photo looks great. I can't tell if you are wearing makeup or not.

    A little makeup goes a long way; and too much is far worse than too little.

    A little lip gloss and eye liner go a long way.

    At the other end of the spectrum, I dated a girl who started with liquid foundation - "waterproof" by the way. I never was able to get this out of my white dress shirt.


    PS: How the heck to you get "waterproof" foundation off at the end of the day? Paint thinner?


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  • I MUCH prefer a girl who doesn't wear makeup.

    I don't mind makeup though - a little bit of it - but most times I don't think the girl really needs it. And some girls just go overboard; you shouldnt have to wash your hands after touching a girl on the face

  • I don't like makeup.. I suppose if you couldn't tell she was wearing any then that would be O.K.

  • less make up is soooooooooooooo much better


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