What product can I use to remove my super thick body hair (excluding razor blade)?

Electric razors never get close enough and I've tried some epilators but they don't work at all. I've even tried Nair for men, but that stuff is bogus. Is there a reliable method for getting rid of my excess body hair that you have tried and works?
I'm talking about people with really thick body hair.


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  • This will need professional help given the thickness of the hair. Would you feel comfortable going to a salon? This will need to be either waxed or lasered.

    • The reason I asked for a product is because I'm insecure about going to a salon. I don't want someone to see my gross body hair.

    • Ok. Would you feel comfortable going to a private salon (for e. g. a home-based salon?)

      In that case, I think waxing is probably your best bet but you will most likely need someone to help with hard to reach areas.

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  • To start off maybe a beauty salon to get heavy stuff sorted and advuce


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  • You should go have a consultation with a plastic surgeon and ask them about your options for permaneant hair removal via laser.

    Then you won't have to keep searching for products and wasting your money on them continuously as after one or more laser treatments your problem should be solved.

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