Girls, what is your favorite fashion/style?

Think of it like a word association. What is your preferred style for each item on the list?

1.) Hair
2.) Shirt
3.) Bra
4.) Shorts
5.) Skirt
6.) Pants
7.) Dress
8.) Panties
9.) Sandals
10.) Heels
11.) Boots
12.) Shoes

13.) Jeans


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  • Hair: Long and straight
    Shirt: Anything black lace with short sleeves, sweetheart neckline
    Bra: Modern-vintage style lace.
    Shorts: Mid-thigh, black.
    Skirt: Fitted, short, black.
    Pants: Fitted jeggings or jeans.
    Dress: Cap sleeve, semi short. Colour doesn't matter.
    Panties: Simple hipsters.
    Sandals: Don't tend to wear them, but strappy with a microwedge if I had to pick.
    Boots: Shooties.
    Shoes: Converse.


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  • Hair- pixie or long alternative type style, dark color or dyed white/grey/pastel
    Shirt- loose and flowy
    Bra- skin tone with black lace detail over it, or plain black shirt bra, only slight padding or none
    Shorts- jean shorts, low or high waist, dark color or black
    Skirt- never wore a skirt
    Pants- skinny jeans or jeggings, black or grey, maybe rips depending on style, low or high waist
    Dress- maternity style tight on boobs flowy everywhere else, usually a belt at the waist, around knee length, with or without sleeves, no backless, don't prefer strapless
    Panties- bikini style cotton, maybe a cute theme or design
    Sandals- plain $1 black flip flops
    Heels-don't own any, but I like bootie style, or lots of straps, only in black
    Boots- big slouchy, comfy, maybe fur depending on style (uggs are uggly), mid calf height,
    Shoes- I only wear flip flops in summer and boots in fall and winter... Just plain converse knockoff looking sneakers

  • 1.) Hair - I have amazing bed head.
    2.) Shirt - Sniff-test clean.
    3.) Bra - NO BRA, NO WORRIES.
    4.) Shorts - I have like, workout shorts? But no jean shorts or whatever.
    5.) Skirt - All my skirts are above the knee and flared out or flow-y
    6.) Pants - I only have slim black pants that I wear for conferences.
    7.) Dress - I like flow-y dresses and A-line dresses that end above the knee.
    8.) Panties - fox-themed.
    9.) Sandals - I only wear flip-flops
    10.) Heels - 3-5 inches, open toed
    11.) Boots - knee high, small heel, leather.
    12.) Shoes - I only have flip flops and heels and boots.
    13.) Jeans - Ones that fit?

  • My hair and makeup looks similar to hers except my hair is a fake fiery red is this is similar to my sexy outfit always make me feel confident
    My favorite outfit

    Bra: plain black
    Pants: skinny jeans, straight, high waisted, and flair.
    Sandals: plain and simple
    Heels: ankle booties and wedges
    Dresses: again plain and simple
    Skirts: a-line, flair, and skater.
    Boots: riding boots
    Shoes converse
    Panties I like lace ones but they don't last in the washer so just simple practical ones

  • 1) Short-cut
    2) oversized
    3) black lace
    4) denim
    5) high waisted
    6) skinny jeans
    7) maxi
    8) none of your business :)
    9) platform
    10) high
    11) western/leather ankle
    12) oxford

  • 1) Hair = Big and wavy/curly
    2) Shirt = I just cannot wear t-shirts, tank tops are my bestie <3
    3) Bra = Nill
    4) Shorts = Short shorts, high waisted, black fabric, DEFINITELY NOT JEAN
    5) Skirt = almost ANY skirt except tight mini-skirts that you can't sit down in
    6) Pants = Classy, actual pants, not jeans
    7) Dress = mature, classy, simple (think Little Black Dress)
    8) "Panties" = Nill
    9) Sandals = Never
    10) Heels = Yes
    11) Boots = Yes
    12) Nope
    13) FUCK NO

  • 1. Wash and go
    2. Henley
    3. Underwire
    4. Short
    5. Pencil
    6. Comfy
    7. Bodycon
    8. Cotton
    9. Keen
    10. Ankle strap
    11. Hiking
    12. Cross trainers

  • long/wavy hair, shorts, a shirt and sandals. that's it lol

  • I like it what you say

  • I like dresses. I wear a lot of them

  • 1) messy natural hair
    2) loose cotton shirts
    3) lace bra
    4) jean shorts
    5) chiffon , jean, cotton skirts
    6) straight cut jeans
    7) white lace cotton dress
    8) bikini
    9) wedges, gladiators
    10) pumps
    11) combat boots
    12) sandals

  • 1.) Hair: side braid, down, or clip some to the side. Sometimes pony tail
    2.) Shirt: anything that looks good. Prefer chiffon
    3.) Bra N/A
    4.) Shorts not jeans shorts but the cloths look similar. Maybe they are jeans.
    5.) Skirt: skater skirt.
    6.) Pants: arabian style ones.
    7.) Dress: any mini dress. Not too revealing.
    8.) Panties N/A
    9.) Sandals straps
    10.) Heels not too high
    11.) Boots all kinds
    12. Shoes: cozy/fuzzy /fluffy loafers for inside wear

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