Why would someone ask for help when they don't want your advice?

I dress very good and often get compliments on my style.

My friend is extremely overweight and wears things that aren't for her figure.

She'll buy it, and just say "It's what I like" and put it on.

Yes, we all like a lot of things.
But it doesn't mean we should have them especially if they don't compliment your body.

She will wear bathing suits with half of her gut hanging out.
She has no ass but will wear the tightest shorts (this will make her butt look even smaller).
She will pretty much wear clothes that hug her too tightly in the mid section and that gives her a muffin top (with the spill over).
I told her what would look better on her.

I <3 her to death.
I wasn't going to tell her any of this until she asked for my fashion help.
She says, she will continue wearing what she wears.
What was the point of asking for help?


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  • She was just asking your opinion but ultimately it is her decision what to wear - In life there will be lots of time people will ask your advice and not seem to take it on board. I wouldn't worry too much about it.


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  • Sounds hard. I tend to appreciate any help with my fashion as well as they let me pick my color pallets and don't make me too uncomfortable. For you friend she needs a reason to change her wardrobe. Like if there was someone she liked and she wanted to impress them with the way she dresses. You could use that

  • Because some people just want to be comforted instead of actually changing something for the better.


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  • You should just let her wear what she wants to wear.

    • I did before she asked me a question.
      I honestly didn't care it's not me wearing those outfits

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