Since I see questions about girls having it easier? Part Two

Okay, my first question was for the girls. This one is for the guys.

Wherever it is you are at, you see a beautiful woman all by her lonesome. There's nothing between the two of you but space and opportunity. What's going through your head?

  • Assume that someone that gorgeous must be snatched up already and choose not to talk to her?
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  • Think that she doesn't really want to be bothered?
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  • I don't care if she has a boyfriend or doesn't want to be bothered, I'm going to talk to her?
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  • F**k it. I've been rejected 100 times before. So what's 101? I'm going to say hi.
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  • Depending where she is you can tell if she wants to be talked to or not. I'm not going to talk to a girl that hasn't looked up at me yet cause I know she's not interested. Although some girls are really shallow you won't know until you talk to her. So you really have nothing to lose.

  • You can tell what kind of girl she is from what she's wearing and how she acts better than from how pretty she is. If she's wearing a sundress or a skirt and has a book, then you need to do something to attract her attention to you and when she does, quickly look at her dead in the eyes and measure how abruptly she looks away and if her legs jerk or she tenses up, cause if she does, it's GO TIME.