Girls, Clothing for a large bust?

I have natural 10DD breasts, a small athletic waist, hips and a rounded behind. Whenever I wear a top, or any pieces of clothing, I always attract attention in the wrong area's. Even when I wear business skirts, they somehow become sexy.

Do you girls have any styling tips for professional women who are endorsed with naturally large assets?
I want to be professional, yet stylish.

Australian clothing sizes! My apologies, I am not sure what it is equivalent to in the US.


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  • So button down shirts are probably nt going to be your friend. You probably won't be able to button one all the way up and wear it around. So wearing one with a cami and leaving it open and wearing one half buttoned wih a cami is your best best.
    Jersey tops are pretty good because they have some stretch to them and they're also pretty breathable.
    I try to look for tank tops with wider straps and bras with thicker straps because they give more support and stay in place better.


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  • 10 DD?
    What do you mean 10? O. o

    I have the same problems. Nothing you can do. Just wear either longer pants and more closed shirts or v necks...
    You're going to look sexy either way, so might as well embrace it.

    • Australian sizes! Sorry, I think it's about a 30 DD in the US.

    • Oh, sure. =)

      Yep - well I hope my advice helps. ^-^

    • Thank you for the advice lovely :)

  • A-line or flowy skirts and flowy blouses. No button-ups. Just don't wear anything structured or anything tight.

  • Did anyone notice she said her chest is 10 inches?

    • I'm from Australia, so I'm not sure of the equivalent size in the US.

  • Try to wear patterned and/or tight pants/skirts, they help your lower body stand out, and plain/loser tops