How should a girl go about deciding what color to dye her hair?

My natural hair color is a dirty blonde, but it's changed shades in different seasons and with my age. For the past 4 years, I've been dying my hair different shades of red, and red seems to work better with my skin complexion than my real hair color. But now I'm thinking of trying a light brown or possibly jet black. I think the goth look might work on me because of my light skin and icy blue eyes.

Any opinions or tips? Thanks!


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  • it depends on the temperature of your skin color; that's what decides whether or not a hair color will suit you.

    • What exactly do you mean by that? I do have rosy cheeks. =)

    • Warm vs. cool skin undertones.

      google it.

      if you have warm undertones, then you need a warm hair color. if you have cool undertones, then you need a cool hair color

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  • Try this website. link .

    Im not sure if it will help or not but yeh goodluck (:

  • I think light brown would look good.

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