Girls, do you use epilator device for your hair removal?

I want to buy an epilator device Braun silk epil 7 series, because it is said that it was very qualified and also some exclusive properties included. People say that epilator hurts... Do you use epilator device to remove your hair? If yes, which brand? Are you happy with your epilator?


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  • Yes, I just recently got into epilating about a month ago and so far it's doing what it's promised. I started because shaving has been such a nightmare for my skin type and it's too hot and expensive to be covered up in summer while your hair grows out and wax my entire legs/bikini area once a month.

    Im not going to lie, epilating hurts like a bitch the first few times. like unbearably. I read advice on taking pain medication and rubbing in numbing gel beforehand but it made no difference. You just have to grit your teeth and get through it. I've become accustomed to epilating my lower legs and the front part of my thighs no problem now, I barely notice when I epilate and my hair is definitely coming in less and growing back slowly. But I'm still working on the back of my thighs which for some reason are extremely sensitive and still hurt a lot. So for me it's been worth the pain

    • Thank you for all explanations. I epilate my underarms and entire legs but it causes. some of ingrown hairs on my legs but I clean it up quickly. Do ingrown hairs appear after the epilating? Also, epilators make it your leg and underarm skin red and injured... I am afraid, epilators can hurt my bikini area... Which epilator brand do you use recently?

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  • yes i do. that's literally all i use, along with waxing in some areas.
    pfft, people scared of epilators need to toughen up lol. it feels so similar to waxing and id argue it gives an even better result.

    been epilating for like 4 years now and it's my favourite method of hair removal. only areas ill never go near are my underarms and bikini area.

  • yes i do

    iy's fine... all hair removal methods suck one way or the other

    the key is to use it when the hair is short but not too short

    • Yeah I know, epilating once a month is enough for me, because I don't let my hair to grow up quickly...