Ten things guy wish girls knew?

I saw this article that said ten things guy wish girls knew:

1. Calling you on the phone does not mean what you think it means,

2. You are much prettier without all that make-up,

3. When you act spazzy and giggly, it's seriously embarrassing,

4. Gossiping, whispering, and writing notes makes you look beyond shallow,

5. Boys worry about what you think about their skin, hair, weight, and clothes,

6. PMS is no excuse to be mean,

7. Talking about your "big" butt is so boring,

8. Tight clothes look uncomfortable, cheap, and sort of desperate and insecure,

9. Most boys are looking for the right girl,

10. If you like him, just tell him. Some of them seem obviously true, but other I'm not so sure. So are they all true? Or just some?


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  • 1. I dunno, what DOES it mean?

    2. True

    3. Sort of true

    4. Not shallow per se, but we kind of dislike it.

    5. Very true

    6. True, but sometimes we deserve it.

    7. Only true if we aren't involved. :P

    8. False, its really a "clothes that fit the person" type of thing.

    9. Couldn't tell ya. Its true for me.

    10. True, but that's probably true for anybody. Games suck.

    • Thanks for taking the time to respond yes and no for all of them and why. I appreciate it. :)

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  • I expect this was written for young girls to read, but it looks to be mostly correct.

  • There are NO universal truths: some are, some aren't but not for everyone.

  • yep all of them are correct


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