Is curly hair really that bad?

is it really that repelling and not attractive?

is straight hair really better?


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  • Curly hair can be very attractive


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  • Curly hair is awesome, I've always wanted my hair to be naturally curly. Literally so jelly of all the curly-haired girls. My hair is naturally almost completely straight, it's kind of boring.

    • but you have soooooooooo much to do with it
      and people generally prefer straight hair
      and it looks pretier and softer in general AND you can run your hands through it no problem

    • lol I don't know, I like curly better, I guess grass is always greener on the other side

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  • It can be attractive... what bothers me is that the people with curly hair can't choose between many hairstyles... CURSED!!!

    • true lol

      the hair already has shape and stuff

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    • I sense... flashbacks

    • hahah nah xD

  • I like curly better

    • what? o. O
      you serious? never knew ther are guys who liked curly more lol

      and by curly i mean... curly not wavy lol

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    • hahahahah wow really xD
      literally you are the first guy i ever heard say that haha


    • You're welcome :)

What Girls Said 1

  • I don't know, I have natural ringlet-y curls and no one's commented on how bad it is?

    • same here !

      well no dont get me wrong nobody said to my face that its bad lol i actually get compliments on my hair a lot

      but lately I don't know what happened its been acting up and I don't know im really insecure these days I don't know why then i started to kinda get sick of it and i guess this inner deep thought that straight hair looks softer and better and is easier to style kinda thrived at that time... I don't know

    • Aww! I think you should just own it, because there are SOOO many people jealous of us xD

    • muhahahahah xD lol

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