Why did this guy look sad and embarrassed when he saw me?

I know for a fact the guy liked me about 6 months ago. He'd always find an excuse to be standing near where I was standing, walking in the same direction as me, etc. Not in a creepy way though, haha. But then lately he's stopped doing it, and I rarely see him, so I figured he doesn't like me anymore.

But today, I was walking past him and a group of his friends. They were all laughing and smiling and stuff. Then this guy turned and looked at me, and all of a sudden the expression on his face turned really sad/shy/embarrassed.

And he kind of ducked his head down a little.


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  • He's hurting because he didn't actually achieve his goal - of getting to know you and "possibly" dating you.

    If you still like him - it would hurt at first to talk with him (from his POV), but afterwards he will start being himself around you again.

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