Would you want an interior design company that would decorate your home or a room for you?

Would you want a company that could decorate your home or a room or a couple. For you because you can't seen to get the scene you want for your room. Would you want someone else to do it pay them instead of throwing money away by getting ride of old furniture less than a month.

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  • Sure, why not?


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  • There are many different types of interior design, lets say for a dining room I would want a dark red paint on the walls, white ceiling, Chippendale seats with a round wood table. A living room I would paint a light blue or yellow and furnish with a sofa and a loveseat and book shelves on the walls. Oil paintings with antique frames as well in both rooms.

    What I described would be a very classical style of design, but that is not the only one. I wouldn't need to hire anyone, I know what I like. You can learn all of this online for free too, you really should!

  • I can decorate my own place. It would be cheaper and it's not rocket science.

    • I was just asking a question keep your hair on

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    • It sounds to me like you are the one with PMS. My initial response was that I'd rather save money by decorating my own place because it's so easy. Then you went off on a tangent rant assuming that I was trying to offend you. Take a Midol or a chill pill.

    • Ok whatever

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