Why don't some people think the natural hair movement isn't for white girls?

I see white girls ashamed of their curly hair too. I don't get why they too can't join rhw movement. Its being prejudice!


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  • I have no idea...
    Maybe people are stuck in their stereotypical views of others.


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  • The natural hair movement is not for white girls. PERIOD. Point blank. It doesn't matter if white girls are ashamed of their curly hair. Despite their own internal feelings about their hair, the external world always embraced, congratulated, and applauded their hair. That is the difference. Maybe they personally felt bad about their hair, but their hair was still represented as attractive on love interest, desirable in a hair product commercial, and appealing in fashion magazines. Unlike Black women who not only felt internal shame, but have been constantly told by the external world that their hair must be altered, hidden, or completely chemically changed in order to be accepted FOR DECADES. So it's not "being prejudice", sweetie; it's being real about the fact that a "natural hair movement" has NEVER been necessary for white girls because their physical features have ALWAYS been uplifted and praised by the external world no matter how they felt inside. Not everything is about you.

    White girls claiming the natural hair movement is for them only supports the theory that white people, even in today's world, can't help but steal things from other cultures and groups. They need to find a way to make everything about them and include themselves into issues that don't involve them.

  • Lol my sister has naturally really curly frizzy cute hair but she always straitens it. She prob needs to join the movement

  • There is a difference between "curly hair" and "nappy" hair. Black people are made fun of because of the texture of their hair and that it's not beautiful because it "doesn't move in the wind"
    Black people are pressured to relax and straighten their hair to be like white peoples hair.
    A girl with curly hair can rock their curly hair and not be judged as harshly.
    You don't have to make every black-issue a white issue -_-

    • It is an issue. Everything isn't just for white or black people. Many people have curly hair. FYI, I'm not white and my hair flows in the wind.

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    • @throwit Riiiight! I'm not even Black and I can clearly see how white people are constantly trying to make every single issue a minority has relate back to them. Why is it that so many white people feel the need to attempt to include themselves in other group's struggles when the reality is that beauty standards are in their favor?

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  • Because white women haven't been oppresed the same way black women have, and how many white women do you know were refused a job or got fired because their hair looked "unprofessionale"?