How do you get the smokey smell off of your clothes/hair?

Every time I go to my friend's house, I come home with all of my stuff, including myself, smelling like cigarette smoke. Her parents smoke so her house smells like smoke. Even after taking a shower (and sometimes two) the smokey smell still lingers. I smell like smoke after being there for the day and my friend doesn't even smell like smoke in school and stuff and she lives there! How do I get rid of the smell? For my clothes, washing them or running them through the dryer with dryer sheets help, but I how do I get the smokey smell out of my hair too? Thanks for the help! Oh and by the way, sometimes my hairspray deodorizes the smell but not always (it's Aussie). Is there a special shampoo/product I could use?

It's kinda hard to air out outside when it's like 20 degrees outside :/ I wish I could though.


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  • Ask your friend what she does. She's aware of the problem and has fixed it.

    All I've ever been able to do is take a bath, wash my hair, and let clothes air out.



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  • Just walk outside and get some fresh air. There's no special tricks or anything, you just need to air out.