What is beauty to you?

  • Physical
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  • What's inside
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  • Beauty = Physical appearance

    Attraction comes from "what's inside"; hence the expression "your beautiful" in reference to your personality.

    So you could take it either way, but "beauty" by its lonesome is about physical appearance.

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    • Ever seen the show "True Beauty"? Look it up. Beauty is inside AND out.

    • I don't need to, this is my opinion remember ;-) You may want to desist in harassing me due to your recent disagreement with me about cellulite being attractive. Grow up lady, your attacks get you no where.

  • Well,some men can consider beauty only the physic appareance and some other would go for what's inside,but the most imprtant thing you gotta have in mind when you're talking about beauty,it's that the real beauty is both,coz not everyone would date a girl only for her feelings,and when we're talking about a beautiful girl but she's a real pain in the a** you stop seeing her beauty at the instant,so,I think beauty it's the physical appareance cobined to what's inside.hope being helpful and rate if you like the answer.

  • Beauty is many things! For examble I have a symies cat! She is fluffy soft fur and a bushy tail! Now that's a beautifully cat :D my point is it can be anything! That you like. Unless ur stating something else?


What Girls Said 3

  • Well there's both outer and inner beauty.

    Outer beauty to me means looking put-together and natural. If that means wearing make-up [for girls that is] and straightening or curling your hair then so be it [I'm both studying to be a cosmetologist and wear make up to cover up my minor acne and straighten my thick wavy hair so I'm kinda biased on this.]

    Inner beauty means having character, with some fun personality mixed in it. Character is doing what is right and unselfish even if no one else does or sees you doing it. A fun personality I would say is having a sense of humor but without hurting others' feelings. Also randomly talking to those you don't even know sometimes too because strangers are [possible] friends you just haven't met yet.

    And yes I at least try to practice what I preach, not saying I'm perfect at it though.

  • beauty is in the eye of the beholder its different for everyone

  • both. but they are completely different. I honestly can't find someone physically attractive if they aren't a good person inside.