What makes someone have a good looking back?

I don't know why I put this in fashion but wasn't really sure what category to put this in. A girl told me that she thinks this girl had a kid looking back. Her back, not her butt, made me think she's either gay or bi, a horse is a horse, of course, of course butttt, it got me thinking, what does a good back really look like? We're normally just looking at things like the stomach, butt, legs etc... But she sis do she likes this girls back.

is there something specific about a back, that's just so sexy to people?


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  • I googled backs and yes there is a difference in the images - You can pick out beautiful backs

  • Some people love feet, others love stomachs. Different people have different preferences and kinks. I think a back can be sexy too. Not sure what exactly it is that makes it sexy though..

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