Would you look at my face or body,?

Ok so I am 207 pounds 5'5 medium bone structure!

I mean off course I look overweight though I don't look mortally obese or even huge nor near, I mean I will admit

I wear a size 16 jean men's sized small shirt since I like to wear the plain mens hanes t's, I can wear medium sweats in victoria secrets so come one that has to mean something, and they look cute on me no muffin top! , also I am busty. Anyway enough I don't plain on dating while I am this weight since I am loosing it I use to weigh 228 a couple months ago! Though even though I am not dating would a guy still look at me as if I am attractive I mean I am not ugly I have been told, and I even know I am far far far from unattractive no double chin xD , I carry myself well confident!

Though while the time I am overweight would a guy look at my face seeing how pretty I am, not my body,?


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  • Attraction: most people think it have to do with looks or body. However, not really.

    attraction is a feeling, you can't help it anyways.

    There was a girl at my work she is a bit heavy but she got a pretty face. We go out for lunch sometime and I find her attractive time to time.


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  • I think most guys look at both face and body. But it all depends on what guy is looking for. But congratulations on losing 21 pounds, that is awesome! I know it's extremely difficult to do that, but that's awesome that you have kept at it, and you're seeing a difference.

    But to answer your question, both. Some guys like girls with a little more weight, while some guys like twigs, while others like medium sized girls. But guys are very visual, and look at both face and body.

  • a pic would help... lol reading something and seeing something is totally different

  • Hell yeah I would look at both your body and your face. I love women on the slightly larger side. I think it's sexy.


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