Is everything a guy thinks about is looks?

Is everything a guy thinks about is looks from a girl or are there other things that count


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  • Looks only matter when I approach a girl. I need to be attracted to a girl physically before I approach, but after that it ALL depends on personality. So technically speaking personality is more important. It's vital that a girl laugh/has fun a lot, is book smart/can carry a conversation, thinks for herself. And btw I would never approach a "model" or "hollywood" girl because frankly they don't exist and even if they did, I wouldn't want to know a girl who has to wear an ultra miniskirt to gain attention. Just wear jeans, don't be too overweight, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and carry a smile.

  • I think about how she acts is the most important. I think that if you are just into a girl for looks not interested in who she is and her personality then you want her for the wrong reasons. I still like this girl very much she is not ugly and she is not a super model but she stood up for me when I felt betrayed by every one else. It was the most nicest thing that I have ever seen and I will never forget it. So my answer is no I feel like I would get no where if I wanted a girl for looks.

    • Thanks its just my friends were bullied because of looks

    • What a douche fag you don't treat people based on looks kick him in the balls for me or something.

    • Hahaha doucheFAG, lol.

      on another note, It is absolutely never ok for anyone to kick a guy in the balls except for if it is a life or death situation or rape. because kicking his balls could end up killing his potential children, and that would possibly make you a "murderer." You can always punch his chin and knock him out. That will actually gain you respect as opposed to kicking the groin losing it.

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