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Gay or can they make a guy more stylish?

I've been looking at getting something like this. I like it, but I don't know if it's too gaudy or it if it would look like I'm trying too hard or what.



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  • That would look really cute with a t-shirt on a guy (cute is what guys should aim for if they're going to wear jewelery)

    this jewelery is acceptable

    -a thin chain like this link with something at the end that maybe means something to you, like a cross if you're religious, but it would be tucked into your shirt.

    -dog tags like the one you linked are adorable under or over a shirt

    - link I like the black string with a silver thing, that would work under or over a shirt

    -this one's harder to explain, but bracelets that are handmade link but no beads, and neutral colors (brown, black, gray and even a little white, sometimes you can add in red or blue or yellow) and a little less than there are on the picture in the link, in my opinion, I LOVE it when guys wear those. They'd have to be handmade, though, because store bought just isn't the same.But I think it's worth it to make them.

    this jewelery is not.

    - link thick chains are just.. ick

    - link I said before that crosses were okay, but tucked into your shirt, I don't mean those kind of crosses, but plain old fashion ones ( link like those are perfect)

    -obviously anything like this link makes you look like a complete retard

    -rings. you could pull of maybe one thin silver ring ( link the smallest or second smallest one in the picture) but just no for other rings.

    That's all just my personal opinion.

    [Post Script: When I say shirt I mean t-shirt. I don't think necklaces works with any other shirt (This could be v-neck although that makes guys look kinda gay but I mean a straight-up t-shirt, with a design/logo/anything at all on it or not.)


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  • Any guy can pull off anything like that. I like it!

  • So Yess.. please do


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