Girls, let's share our beauty tips?

Let us share our little tricks we've learned over the years :) Some of us may learn something new!

Here are mine:

- You can rub a little body lotion into your hands and run them through your hair to smooth it down and tame frizz. It'll also make your hair smell nice if you're using scented lotion.

- You can use clear mascara to shape your eyebrows. I also like using it on my eyelashes (much more than regular mascara) because it lifts your eyelashes without any clumping, and it doesn't look artificial.

- Green makeup powder is great for concealing hickeys.

- For a more natural blush, you can just pinch the apples of your cheeks a few times instead of applying artificial blush.


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  • - You can put little bit of red lipstick on your under eyes before putting on concealer. It will help to minimize them.
    - Always put concealer before foundation. Makes it last longer.
    - If you don't like a conditioner or lotion use it as a shaving cream. You will get your moneys worth back and smooth legs.
    - If you want inexpensive primer use NIVEA MEN Sensitive Post Shave Balm. It will make the make up last a lot longer and it works just as good as super expensive primers.
    - Use baby oil after getting out of shower. It will moisturise the skin and lower chances of getting stretch marks in the future.

    That's all I could remember for now. :)


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  • - Make an old mascara brush clean and you can use it as a brush. So when you put on mascara and it looks all lumpy and ugly, you use your dry mascara brush to get out all the lumps out. I use the million lashes from L'oreal Paris as a dry mascara brush.
    - wash your face twice a day. Before applying make-up and after. Make-up remove stuff is in my eyes bullshit. You can just wash your face with a little douchegel or something.
    - for pimples, blackheads etc. use benzoyl peroxide. It works pretty good.

    • I agree with the benzoyl peroxide!! It does a much better job on my face than salicylic acid.

  • Egg white mask helps to extracts white and black heads

  • hmm i don't really know a bunch of them but
    i use toothpaste on big pimples to help dry them up and they tend to shrink away and not cause a big flare-up
    and i try to rinse off in the shower with cool water when i'm done. it shrinks up the pores on your face helping fight large pores and blackheads, and it closes the follicles in your hair so its shiny and soft.
    a lot of the tips others provided were pretty good! some of them i've never heard of or thought of before.

  • haha i use the clear mascara for my eyebrows too! thats a great one.
    -applying cream to hair-ends keeps them healthy

  • green makeup for hickeys? thanks for the tip.

    coconut oil can clear a breakout over night.
    use aloe as shaving cream for a super close shave that doesn't grow back really fast
    and use coffee grinds and coconut oil rub for loss of fat cells and celulite

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