I feel old, but I want to learn snowboarding this year! Is this a good outfit?

My birthday is coming up so I thought I'd ask for the clothes I'd need ! How does this look? Do I need any more layers?
I feel old, but I want to learn snowboarding this year! Is this a good outfit?

Just to clarify, I was going to wear all those clothes there as part of my snow outfit, so it's just one outfit.


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  • old and 25?

    u r not even 30... relax... even if u were... never's late. ;)

    as for da outfit... i prefer middle jacket, and left pants and gloves!


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  • I've been feeling old since I hit mid twenties, it gets worse every year as you near 30.

    Don't dwell on it.
    You are the way you feel!

    If you feel young inside... then indeed you are.
    Plus, no one real life will view you as a old woman.

    And even when we do get old, Who says that's such a bad thing?
    We have a lot of live experience to offer others.
    You can even age gracefully.

    Anyway, those outfits are great!

    • old u? nah... no way :)

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    • Yes.
      They look warm and cozy or cold winters.
      Id sure use them again even w/o snowboarding.

    • *for cold winters

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  • Old? Pshaw. Never too old to try something new. Well, I'd kill myself if I tried snowboarding - doesn't mean I wouldn't try it, though.

    From what I know of the sport, your outfit looks good.

    • Thanks! I seems like snowboarding is a teenager thing to do lol

    • Oh, I dunno. Some of my friends do it, and they're older than I am. A buddy of mine regularly frustrates the best of the skateboarders at the skatepark and he's in his 50's. Age is nothing but a number. Don't think you'd see my mom trying it, but as long as you're flexible and healthy, go for it! Have fun, and don't care what other people think. =^.^=

  • "I feel old"

    You're 25...

    Don't forget to get a nice winter hat/helmet. Snowboardings great I've been doing it since I was 9.

    • thanks! i was told that i can rent a helmet at the place, so I don't need to buy one, is that true?

    • Yeah you can rent. They usually aren't the greatest helmets but they work.

  • You actually don't really need to learn it. It's relatively easy, it's just scary, is all


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