Question for black girls?

why do you guys... dont wanna have your natural hair?93% of you guys want and have white girls hair? why why? I've been wondering this for a long time... give me your reason... thanks


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  • Natural and like it but I used to not be,
    I looked at models and on tv and these girls all had this long straight hair and I wanted to look like that so I got relaxers and straightened my hair religiously.
    I never really saw girls with Afros or curly hair so it wasn't something I wanted. Maybe if I had seen it more and had been told it was pretty I would have wanted it.
    Also as a little kid I was obsessed with long hair and your hair is typically longer looking if you have straight hair so I associated straight with long.

    • hmm i see thanks for being honest

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    • aha i see

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • The media tells that "white is right", so they try to look as white as they can.
    I love their hair texture, and they don't need to brush it because no one will notice!
    I don't understand them either. 😂

    • so they listen to what media say? thats stupid

  • I don't want to have white girl hair. I buy my weave from Brazil not Kentucky.

    • why dont you wanna have your natrual hair? hate afro so much?

  • We grew up hearing people saying that our hair is ugly and that we should use a relaxer. And a lot of people think that straight hair is the most beautiful, so we are forced to do what is more acceptable for the society.
    Plus, there are girls who don't feel comfortable wearing their natural hair.

    I recently decided to stop using a relaxer and I'm liking the results. But that's just me. I don't judge any girl who uses a relaxer or hair extensions. They're free to do what they want.

  • WANT.. UMMH No
    Reasons Vary

    1. Of course white washing throughout history
    The one with the hair closer to white texture would always get preference treatment especially in slave era and Jim Crow era. Similair mentality in Africa from outside contact

    2. We don't have a choice: since the mentality is passed down generation to generation almost all maybe starting at age kindgarden or around there
    Get chemicals to straighten our hair by mothers, grandmothers. They'll tell you "don't you want to look pretty" a lot of girls even up to 18 black mothers still try to control their hair there choices usually are perm or weave or long braids

    3. Protective Style- Black hair is fraigle, touch, rubbing, constant manipulation and it won't grow.
    So you'll see girls wearing weave or wigs covering there real hair. To grow or protect it from damage
    It seriously works
    If you look on YouTube you'll actually see a "natural hair movement of black women cutting their hair/perms out and wearing weaves til it grows back into its Afro state "because short hair is considered unattractive or it's just too big a change to handle at first "

    4. Afros even braids still are considered unprofessional. I've witnessed it myself employers/organizations
    Will tell candidates they need to cut their braids, or locks because they'll be dealing with specific crowds "aka white people and anyone in general who isn't accustom to seeing it or may be repulsed by it"
    Even some schools have rules against it elementary usually or other lower levels

    5. "Probably should've been after two" but those chemicals to straighten out hair are damaging
    Like I got some serious psoriasis from it once
    There are stories of girls hair falling out from it
    Scalp burns and even 1 blood story
    I've experienced all of the above except blood and after so much damage a girls hair is just weak, thin. Etc solution = weave

    6 . Last one, weaves, wigs, braid extensions
    we love it sometimes, it's our nature and sometimes a cultural expression. Been in Africa since forever in various regions, spread to the Caribbean America and back

    Wanting white hair would be last on my list when I think of reasons a black girl has a weave


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  • It's easier to wear weave. There's more and more black girls going all natural though which is a good thing

  • Science biology proved that males view straight hair and lighter skin color as a sign of fertility. I think black women know this but will never say it. It's easier for men to spot signs of fertility in white women.

  • I live the natural afro hair. I see some beautiful black girls but they got braids and weaves, but when they wear their hair natural like short ceased or in a big Afro that's hot!

    • but they dont think its hot... which is problem

    • I know man, they get blond hair and weaves and you can just tell it's not natural, looks too high maintenance. All about natural.

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