Guys, Do you find Afro/really curly hair attractive for a girl?

Im mixed race and have curly hair just past my shoulders and my boyfriend doesn't like it. He always tells me to straighten my hair but I've done it before and I know I don't suit it. He also said to me that my Afro is his least favourite thing about me. I like braids and told him I'd get braids but he said they are ugly and he hates braids. It hurts me because I don't like my hair either but I know I should.

id get a weave but they give you hair loss so I don't want to...

do you you think curly is attractive and is he being a bad person asking me to change it for him or am I being too sensitive about the whole thing?

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  • Your not being to sensitive at all. Your boyfriend is the one with a problem. Things like this shouldn't be an obstruction at all. He doesn't like your hair? Fuck him! This might not help your relationship, so sorry in advance. but seriously, i don't know what the big deal is about your hair. Your boyfriend needs to slap himself in the face


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  • It disgusts me how everyone thinks that the more African your hair is, the less desirable. That is a diagnostic trait in our society lingering from the days of slavery and black inferiority. If he can't accept the way your hair is then he isn't good enough for you. It really comes down to that.

  • I have Afro hair too so I find it very attractive. Screw what your boyfriend says. If your hair is such a big problem to him then tell him to leave

  • I dig the Fro.

  • It can be.

  • I really don't like afro hair.

  • Fuck him. It's your hair not his. Do what you want.