Girls, Help me choose my work attire?

I am a teacher with my choices as follows:

1, Boxers, Briefs, Commando

2, Slacks or Dress pants

3, Blue or Black collored shirt

4, Tie or no tie- I am thinking even bow tie

5, Burgundy or Red tie


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1, Briefs
    2, Grey Slacks
    3, light blue shirt
    4, bow tie if you can pull of the fun hipster look. If so go for a Turqoise bow tie
    5, anthracite colored tie

    6 dark brown shoes and belt


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What Girls Said 3

  • Hooray for teachers!

    1. Boxers or briefs are fine. I wouldn't go without undies in front of the kiddos.
    2. Slacks
    3. A blue shirt seems nice.
    4. A tie.
    5. Depends on the color of the shirt really.

  • 1. Boxers or briefs, doesn't really make a difference
    2. Slacks
    3. Blue collared shirt
    5. No tie
    6. No tie :P

  • as far as my understanding commando is uncomfortable (especially if your balls sweat easily) which is not sexy. so boxers? and are slacks and dress pants not the same thing? I don't know I like pleated pants (dress pants that have the fold in the front) and the shirt depends on the pants. blue shirt and burgundy tie.

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